Hostels & Accommodations

Arrangements for two Boys Hostels and five girls hostels have been made for the convenience of the accommodation and transportation of the students of Monywa University of Economics.


Boy HostelsNo. of StudentsNo. of Holding
Bandoola Hall (1)170172
Bandoola Hall (2)162172


Boy HostelsNo. of StudentsNo. of Holding
Kha-ye Hall 6464
Khatar Hall178172
Khwar Nyo hall177172
Cherry Hall (1) 113110
Cherry Hall (2) 107110

Remark: Anyone living outside the boundary area of Monywa Township City Development. Priority is given to the first applicants in the selection process, depending on the number of vacant rooms. It is necessary for the application to apply for the stay at the hostel as soon as he or she applies for the admission to the university.

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