Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics trains the students to be able to make effective and right decisions in carrying out the tasks of the business enterprises and respective associations, to be able to get down the business plans in the future and to be able to predict the future situations by integrating theoretical teaching with practical teaching. Moreover, it is a central place which teaches the essential ways in controlling the quality of product for the manufacturing enterprises and strategies for market research to know the state of market.

It is also a place which teaches the population statistics that is important in setting up the projects for the development of a country, development indexes, business and social statistics, statistics for banking and insurance important for the banking and insurance enterprises, the research strategies which are very essential in various fields.

1Professor and Head1
3Associate Professor1
5Assistant Lecturer5
Sr. No. Name Position Email
1 Dr. KyaingKyaingThet Professor and Head
2 Dr.Myaint Moe MoeKhin Professor
3 Dr.Cing Do Nem Professor
4 Dr.WinKyawKyaw Moe Associate Professor
5 DawKhaingKhaing Win Lecturer
6 DawSeinSein Aye Lecturer
7 DawWaiWaiLwin Lecturer
8 DawLwinLwinHtun Lecturer
9 U MyoMyaintKyaw Lecturer
10 Daw Aye AyeKhaing Lecturer
11 DawTheingiLwin Lecturer
12 Daw Win Mar Lecturer
13 Daw Win WinHtay Lecturer
14 DawLanYone Lecturer
15 DawKhinSwe Win Lecturer
16 U Lwin Chan Phyo Lecturer
17 Daw Cho MiSwe Lecturer
18 DawSoe Yu Mon Lecturer
19 Daw Su Mon Aung Lecturer
20 Daw Nay New Win Lecturer
21 DawEiThaeMaungMaung Lecturer
22 Daw Yi Yi Mon Lecturer
23 U ZawKhin Lecturer
24 DawKhin Lay Lwin Lecturer
25 Daw Aye Thin Hme Assistant Lecturer
26 DawPhyuPhyu Win Assistant Lecturer
27 DawKhin New Tun Assistant Lecturer
28 DawZarZar Win Assistant Lecturer
29 DawTheint Toe Hlaing Assistant Lecturer

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Banking & Insurance which is important


The degrees offered by Department of Statistics

  1. Econ (Statistics
  2. Econ (Statistics)
  3. D (Statistics)
  4. PGDRS (Post Graduate Diploma in Research Studies)

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