Department of Commerce

     The Department of Commerce is one of the major departments of the Monywa University of Economics which has been granted semi-autonomy by the Ministry of Education. The main objectives of the department are to make contributions to the teaching efforts of the University, and to carry out professional activities and teaching the subjects related to accounting, banking and finance, marketing management, human resources management to undergraduate programs, postgraduate diploma programs, master and PhD programs.

     The Department of Commerce was set up as a separate one from the Department of Economics. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is the first and foremost degree offered by the Department of Commerce and the Bachelor of Accounting (BAct) program has been added and conducted for those who are particularly interested in the Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Financial Reporting. For each specialization for a bachelor’s degree, the Department of Commerce has designed a four-year program. The qualified candidates are allowed to attend other advanced degrees of BCom (Hons) /BAct (Hons) and Master of Commerce (MCom)/Master of Accounting (MAct) programs. The Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce (PhD), a program for commerce specialization was launched starting from the year 2011. The faculty persons who passed the entrance exam are allowed to attend the PhD class.

Currently, to respond the changing trends, the department aspires to upgrade its quality teaching and learning through providing cover for all the study areas of commercial sciences including commerce, management, accounting, banking and finance, human resource management, marketing management to become successful academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and excellent business consultants.

     For each specialization for a bachelor’s degree, the Department of Commerce has designed a four-year program. For the award of the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and the Bachelor of Accounting (BAct), a student must complete 48 courses structured with lecturer, assignments, presentations, mid-terms test and final examinations.

     Master of Commerce (MCom) and Master of Accounting (MAct) are postgraduate courses for students who have completed their Bachelors in Commerce and Accounting . The main mission of these programs are to offer quality education in the field of commerce and accounting at a higher level and to upgrade the bachelor students to understanding about the professional world. The duration of these degrees span a period of two-year with three semesters for course work and one semester for thesis.

     Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce (PhD) is the highest academic title awarded by university. This program aims to develop scholars for higher level careers in research and teaching, practice, consulting, training and development and new business creation. Studying for a PhD is a rewarding experiences. It is an opportunity to become an expert in chosen topic and to make both an academic and practical contribution to knowledge. Students can specialize in one of the areas: commerce, human resource management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and or any other allied areas of interest in Management and Commerce. PhD in commerce is a five year doctorate level course in Commerce and Business Management in which every students has to take one year for coursework and need to take four years for preparing thesis.

To be recognized as a globally exposed department committed to quality-driven education.

  • To impart superior sustainable value by holistic education.
  • To create energetic graduates who possess creative and innovative skills to compete ethically and globally.
  • To promote academic researches related to contemporary business issues.
  • To provide the students with a wide range of managerial skills and help them deepen their understanding in the area of accounting, banking and finance, human resource management, marketing management.
  • To nurture scholars who possess a fundamental research capability and business professionals who have expertise sufficient to independently engage in business activities by providing the students with advanced knowledge and expertise related to commercial science.