Department of Applied Economics

     Historically, the Department of Applied Economics   established as a major department in 1998. The Department of Applied Economics is one of the most prestigious research and education departments of social science in Monywa University of Economics.

Bachelor of Economics (Economics)

                Bachelor of Economics (BEcon) is an undergraduate degree to provide students with education in economics and related subjects. On average, it takes four years with eight semesters to earn a bachelor’s degree. BEcon (Economics) degree is designed to give students a firm grounding in modern economic theory and a basic understanding of economic processes; to provide a descriptive knowledge of the domestic and global economies; and to develop the students’ capabilities for quantitative analysis and independent thought. The degree provides that students will have a solid background in theoretical and methodological knowledge in areas related to economic development, which will enable them to move into the practical world with certain degree of confidence. Some of them, hopefully, will acquire enough interest and expertise to go for advanced degrees in economics.

Bachelor of Economics (Trade and Logistics)

            Monywa University of Economics launched the new degree named BEcon (Trade and Logistics) as an applied subject under the Department of Applied Economics in the 2022-2023 Academic Year to fulfill the regional requirements.

Master of Economics (Economics)

After completing of Bachelor degree BEcon (Economics), the students can join the post graduate course MEcon (Economics) which is a full-time program with two-year period. The Master’s degree in Economics provides in-depth theoretical and empirical knowledge in order to analyze the social and economic challenges of our time. The Master’s degree in Economics provides with the necessary tools to analyze economic policy problems and to develop successful strategies. The Master’s degree in Economics provides the knowledge and skills needed to understand and analyze economic processes and to develop solutions to economic problems. This expertise opens up varied career paths in a wide range of professional fields. MEcon (Economics) graduates are in demand for responsible positions in the public sector, international organizations, consultancy firms and private industry, as well as in banks and insurance companies.

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (PhD) is the highest academic Degree offered by our department. It is a five-year doctorate level course, taking one year for coursework and needs to take four years for preparing dissertation. The aim of the PhD programme is to give research students a deeper understanding of the field of Economics, thorough training in research methodology and a good insight into the problems that arise from doing research and its empirical applications. Students who have completed their doctorates should be critical and independent researchers with the ability to plan and complete a research project.

Master of Development Studies (MDevS)

Monywa University of Economics launched the Master of Development Studies (MDevS) programme under the Department of Applied Economics in order not only to fulfil the vision for lifelong learning but also to have a better understanding of development issues. The Department of Applied Economics started the 1st Batch of the Master of Development Studies (MDevS) programme on 25th June 2022 through online. The main objective of the Development Studies courses is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the field of development, give them a good understanding of the development experiences of different countries and empower them with the analytical and conceptual skills needed to understand.  

Diploma in Development Studies (Dip.DS)

Diploma in Development Studies (Dip.DS) programme provide by Department of Applied Economics was founded as post-graduate diploma in 1999. This programme is designed to accommodate the needs of postgraduate students who want to study the economic development subject. Dip.DS aims to achieve knowledge concerning economic development and to get a learning society for those who want to improve their skill in various fields. It provides the basic knowledge on the nature and meaning of development and underdevelopment and its various manifestations in developing nations. All These courses were given in person from Batch 1 to Batch 13. Now, Batch 14 could have been conducted through online platforms using Zoom.

  • To provide a high-quality education in economics and development economics to future leaders of industry, government and civil society and   offer educational opportunities to students in order to prepare them to become accomplished citizens and professionals capable of critical thinking and independent analysis.
  • To provide students with preparation in the economic development concepts.

  • To provide our students with appropriate analytical skills to lay the groundwork for lifelong learning.

  • To equip with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the core areas of economics.
  • To enable with develop, through the study of economics, a range of skills and abilities that will contribute to effectiveness in employment.
  • To develop critical and evaluative thinking in the context of economics.
  • To apply the economic theory and statistical analysis in solving policy problems.