Department of Applied Economics

Department of Applied Economics is the main department which gives instructions in the fields for households, business, economics subjects which support to analyse systematically the government and organization, the level and development of nation’s economy, developmental economics, political economics and international economics. In addition, it also instructs international affairs and international economics to study the experiences of the countries, globalization, regional organizations, international organization and developments of countries, etc.

It also opens not only undergraduate and postgraduate courses but also Diploma in Development Studies (Dip.DS) in which any graduate can learn basic economics subjects.

Going field trip to business and villages, conducting survey to provide in collecting data which is needed for under graduate courses are also performed. Researches in the fields of agriculture, environmental and international trading are especially carried out.

Number Position Quantity
1 Professor (Head) 1
2 Professor
3 Associate Professor
4 Lecturer 5
5 Assistant Lecturer 7
6 Tutor 6
Total 18

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