Current Research

Department of Economics

  1. Trade between ASEAN and Myanmar
  2. Trade between BIMSTEC and Myanmar
  3. Border Trade between Myanmar and neighboring countries
  4. A study on production and distribution of vegetable sector in Monywa District
  5. Assessment of public willingness to pay for solid waste management in Monywa.
  6. Trade and Investment in Myanmar

Department of Economics

  1. The effect of farmer educational program on rice production in ShweBo
  2. Dependence of local people on the forests of the tide for economics
  3. The condition of foreign exchange rate and international trade in Myanmar

Department of Commerce

  1. An investigation on rare condition of Myanmar cattle in Sagaing Region
  2. Situation of small business in Monywa

Department of Statistics

  1. The Effect of Social Networking Site on Social and Academic Performance of Youth in Monywa Township
  2. The Effect of Maternal Work Hour on School Outcomes of Adolescents in Monywa Township

Department of Management Studies

  1. Effect of psychological empowerment of job satisfaction and service quality of hotel in Bagan
  2. A study on the growth of vermicelli mills in Myanmar
  3. Corporate social responsibility practices and performance of manufacturing firms in Mandalay Industrial Zone
  4. Employee satisfaction towards corporate social responsibility practices of manufacturing firms in Mandalay Industrial Zone
  5. Marketing strategy of purified drinking water industry in Yangon
  6. Impact of managerial skills on managerial behavior (A case study of selected hotels in Bagan)

Department of Myanmar

  1. Investigation on ancient authors from Monywa (The teams in the governor and his work)

Department of English

  1. A brief study on some difficulties in teaching speaking skills at the tertiary level

Department of Geography

  1. The study of urban development and its forms of Monywa

Department of Mathematics

  1. Applications of the differential and integral concepts in economics
  2. A study on location center on Monywa

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