Academic Affairs

It is a main department which manages for school entry, course affairs, exam affairs, results, foreign education, scholarships, hostels, certificate and graduation of students.

The constitution of the department of academic affairs includes;

  • Department of Academic Affairs
    • Department of Students’ Affairs
      • Hostel Service
      • Department of Sport
    • Department of Exam and Convocation
    • Department of Library
No. Hierarchy Quantity
1 Head of Department 1
2 Registrar 2
3 Assistant  Registrar 3
4 Office Superintendent
5 Branch Clerk/Coach (Sport)/Computer Officer/Assistant Librarian-2 8
6 Upper Division Clerk/  Assistant Librarian-3 16
7 Lower Division Clerk/  Assistant Librarian-4 6
Total 36

List of officials who are serving at the Department of Academic Affairs includes;

  1. Daw Sandar – Head of Department (Academic Affairs)
  2. Daw Swe Swe Yee – Registrar (Exam and Convocation)
  3. Daw Tin Tin Aye  –  Assistant Registrar (Students’ Affairs)
  4. Daw Yin Yin Maw – Assistant Registrar (Students’ Affairs)
  5. Daw Ohmar Soe – Assistant Registrar (Exam and Convocation)

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