In building up a nation’s economic growth and prosperity, the department of economics serves as the main department for teaching in order to produce highly qualified economists in the country.

Moreover, Master of Public Administration Programme (MPA) has been opening up in order to get quality assurance of administers who are working under NGO, INGO and ministries respectively.

The department offers necessary subjects for undergraduate level and master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees at post-graduate.

Department of Commerce is a central department, which delivers lecture on commerce and accounting about the matters related with commerce, general management, expense calculating and accountancies, finance banking, marketing management, human resource managements with the aim to produce professional accountants.

Department commerce gives lecture on commerce and accounting for undergraduate students and postgraduate students (Master and PhD). Moreover, any graduate can study Certificate in Advanced Business Study (CABS ) in accordance with Human Resource Development.

Department of Statistics trains the students to be able to make effective and right decisions in carrying out the tasks of the business enterprises and respective associations, to be able to get down the business plans in the future and to be able to predict the future situations by integrating theoretical teaching with practical teaching. Moreover, it is a central place which teaches the essential ways in controlling the quality of product for the manufacturing enterprises and strategies for market research to know the state of market.

It is also a place which teaches the population statistics that is important in setting up the projects for the development of a country, development indexes, business and social statistics, statistics for banking and insurance important for the banking and insurance enterprises, the research strategies which are very essential in various fields.

The department is the heart of management with the aim of producing qualified and skilled managers, leaders and businessperson to tackle the upcoming challenges in the field of managing businesses.

In addition to the current running courses for undergraduates and postgraduates and BBA from the Management department, MBA is taught for any graduate who would like to have chances to learn the Management.

Department of Applied Economics is the main department which gives instructions in the fields for households, business, economics subjects which support to analyse systematically the government and organization, the level and development of nation’s economy, developmental economics, political economics and international economics. In addition, it also instructs international affairs and international economics to study the experiences of the countries, globalization, regional organizations, international organization and developments of countries, etc.

It also opens not only undergraduate and postgraduate courses but also Diploma in Development Studies (Dip.DS) in which any graduate can learn basic economics subjects.

Going field trip to business and villages, conducting survey to provide in collecting data which is needed for under graduate courses are also performed. Researches in the fields of agriculture, environmental and international trading are especially carried out.

About MUE

For the purpose of offering the economics academia easily to the students from upper Myanmar, an economics college was founded in the east of Monywa, south of Kyaukka Road, on 200 acres of land near Za Loke village, on 1st , July, 1993.


The following scholarships are available from Monywa University of Economics students.                                  

  • 26 Economics Scholarships (one person- 800,000 Kyats per year)
  • 25 Mizuho Bank, ltd. Scholarships (one person- $300 per year)

Key Research Area

  • Rural Development
  • Trade & Investment
  • Environmental
  • Agricultural Development
  • Transportation

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